Socially Distanced Networking

Usually at this time of the year I would be busy writing thank you notes (yes sometimes the ones you post in an envelope!) to the sponsors and speakers at conference and making sure everyone could access the presentations they needed but of course this is 2020 and there is very little about it that has been “usual”.

One of the challenges we face as a User Group, as I am sure you do within your own businesses, is how to continue to provide the benefits of networking without everyone being physically in the same room.  Some of you will have embraced virtual coffee chats and made the most of technology, but let’s face it, we all had access to Zoom and Teams before and probably still are only using it when we need to.

While it is a generalisation and there are some definite social extroverts within our membership, most are not likely to go out of their way to connect with others outside their own bubble unless put in a position where it is really the only thing to do.  I have long said this role is easy as all I need to do is get a group in a room, ask a question and sit back – while most don’t seek the opportunity to discuss  they willingly participate and have plenty to say when the situation calls for it.

So while webinars have filled some of the informational gap, the social interaction and inter-company discussions have been a lot fewer – no conference, an online Inforum and lockdown has resulted in us being a lot more isolated and disconnected.  In an attempt to fill this void, the IMUN committee has decided to run regular Teams Meetings.  These will be customer focused conversations which we hope you will make some time to join.  The first IMUN Connect sessions will be 25th November (NZ) and 26th November (Aus) and you should see an invitation in your inbox shortly.

We will continue to run these sessions every 6 weeks until we are able to meet again in person which we all hope will be sooner rather than later.

As always take care

Ruth Fisher
GM and Chair IMUN

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