Time to Meet Again

While we live in a tech space and all know that we can achieve a great deal virtually, it is great to be at a point in time where we feel we can once again meet face to face.

There will naturally be some limitations and safety measures needed, and we’re unlikely to be onsite with any F&B production site for some time yet, the opportunity to get together as a User Community is a welcome sign of a return to a somewhat altered normal.

The IMUN committee has decided to run regional meetings in June/July for NSW and VIC since those regions got hit the earliest with Covid and therefore are out the other side first.  Due to still being rather full on infection wise we think QLD and NZ in July/August will be a better timeframe for those areas.

These regional meetings will give us an opportunity to reinvigorate the network and thank those who have remained connected and vested in the benefits of shared views and knowledge.

Like the committee, Infor are excited by the opportunity to meet and update us on the changes since we last met and we are working on an agenda of topics to add to the value of the meeting.

Call for Hosts and Speakers

We are looking for a customer in each of the locations that would be willing and able to host the meeting – this doesn’t have to mean presenting although we are always keen to hear from the hosts if possible and it’s often a great opportunity to bring in people from your business who don’t usually attend the meetings.

For those of you new to IMUN the meetings are open to all member companies – any organisation who uses Infor M3 / CE is eligible to join.  If your company hasn’t been involved please contact me at ruth@imun.com.au or register on the website so that we can get you connected.

As soon as we have dates and venues firmed up we will setup a registration link so keep an eye out.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon

Ruth Fisher
GM and Chair IMUN

Ruth Fisher

I am the GM and Chair of IMUN, roles I have been proud to fill since 2006. My M3 experience started with implementing and RPG version at Longbeach Holdings then upgrading to v7.1 Since 2010 I have been consulting supporting customers in NZ and Australia in versions from 7.1 to MT Cloudsuite. I am based in Christchurch, NZ

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