Make Your Voice Heard

All customers have the opportunity to influence the implementation of continual Infor product improvements through the company’s Enhancement Request System (ERS). As a member of IMUN you have the ability to generate support among your peers for your personal suggestions. The more endorsements your idea receives, the greater the chance it will be implemented.

To assist with that you will find below a list of the latest Enhancement Requests submitted from IMUN members with their link to the ERS.  Please support your fellow members and endorse their requests or add your comments and thoughts.   Infor moves all ERS with 10 or more votes into a prioritisation phase and while Product Development try to look at all ideas the prioritised list is important.  Note that this applies to ERS in Deferred/Future Development status as well as New - so get voting!

Latest Enhancement Requests

ERS # Description Current Status Submitted By
64125 Add the Ability to Choose the Sales Order Type From Call Plan Screen OIS055 New Paul Houston - Tegel Foods Limited
63390 Sales Prices changing on items not yet released on customer order line when updating delivery date or changing delivery method where price book has been superceded New Luke Brooks - W Eagles Plumbing Supplies Pty
63840 Archiving transactions from MMS850 and MHS850 that have a status of less than 90 New Paul Houston - Tegel Foods Limited
61731 Allows the MMS100 for custom sorting order in CRS022 and allow the usage of custom sorting type in View e.g U1...U9,V1...V9, X1...X9 New Wiwit Khristianto Patties Foods Pty Limited
61482 There is a limitation in M3 Module of Supplier Returns (PPS390) wherein system only allows raising claims in Cartons Since this is not logical as we may have other UoM (like Eaches and Inners) as damaged stocks which need to be returned to/claimed from the suppliers Deferred/Future consideration


Zia Abbasi - Drake Supermarkets Pty. Ltd.



61255 APS450 Order Charges need to be recorded on total charges instead of total line amount New Sarah Farmiloe - My Food Bag Limited
60753 Product cost api to set manual cost entries New Murray Crofskey - Resene Paints Limited
60706 In MMS060MI_PrtPutAwayLbl we can print MWS450PF Putaway label after it has been received in case the printer malfunctioned or similar... we can also print in from MWS460 if pending putaway is still pending but I stuggle to find a way to print it once fully putaway. However the API does it!. Suggestion to put this into a STD related option in MWS068 New Christer Sundstrom - ComActivity Pty Ltd
59993 Inside the OIS101/H program there is no ability to enter an Alias Code Category = 02 Type = GTIN. However there is the ability to enter other Alias Codes such as EA13, EA08, DU14. New John Danatzis - Sutton Tools Pty Ltd
59994 Currently the recording of consignment balance ID information in MITLOW is incomplete. This results in it being impossible to accurately join the tables of MITLOW and MITLOC in a custom list displaying comparison of balances of both consignment and non consignment for the same product. New Jeremy Laun - ComActivity Pty Ltd
59939 The Communication Send channel has been configured to use FTP protocol. The Readtimeout is 60000 ms. From time to time the destination server is unavailable or unreachable. I will receive an e-mail advising the same. However, it may be hours before I am able to RETRY on the failed message. In the meantime the other party is waiting for our file. Deferred/Future consideration


Joe Vitagliano - Dux Manufacturing Limited
59483 Request: Ability for admins to 'resubmit' any BODs (not just failed ones) from Oneview (or associated screen), Situation: We have a lot of workflows that take data from a folder / service / connection point, passes through a mapping, then through to LN. If we have any errors with the mapping, LN replies with an Error BOD, and ION desk captures the error. So far so good. We are able to re-submit the BOD back to LN, but not prior to the mapping. So in the case of an invoice, we have to correct the mapping, then reprocess the entire OCR end-to-end flow (and now we have two documents in IDM), and often we don't have the ability to 'retrigger' external actions. Deferred/Future consideration


Isaac Anstis - Rocket Lab Limited
59370 When using CTS100 in OIS101 to create Distribution orders from other branches, separate proposals and Distribution orders are created even if the D.O type and the sending warehouse are the same. These need to be consolidated into one distribution order, and hence one delivery. New Steve Beadle - CJD Equipment Pty Ltd
58395 Ability to purge/archive MILOMA and associated MITSUB records New Paul Houston - Tegel Foods Limited
57879 Require the ability to print more than 99 PMS241 labels via PMS250 New Joe Clyde - Hynds Limited
57133 Ability for Printer Selection Table for PMS250 - PMS241PF New Joe Clyde - Hynds Limited
56597 We would like to implement a simple way to split one delivery by truck/shipping container capacity before the pick is released. The result is it fills the truck/shipping container capacity, doesn't exceed maximum weight and its one pick list per truck/shipping container. We can create a SDK and most of the functionality is available except for one which is very common. When a customer places one order for one product with large volume that goes over 2 trucks/shipping containers (multiple). There is no way to move say half of that one order line to the second truck using an API. The only option is detailed pick release via MWS411 which is time consuming and goes over multiple screens per order line Deferred/Future consideration


Amy Roebuck - Lawson Global Support
58920 IDM word template request APS576PF ARS506PF GLS191PF GLS512PF GLS918PF OIS671PF PPS608P4 PPS608PF RMS567PF TXS501PF APS917PF New Akash Agrawal - EMERGENT COLD PTY LTD
55496 Auto lot number retrieves incorrect date during reclassification Researching Noah Bouwmans - Alliance Group Limited
55231 Using the OIS100MI API prigram and the AddBatchLine function. There is no available field to provide a costing (UCOS, DCOS) for an item line. Currently this is only possible by a person entering cost value after order entry line, providing Cost price rule is set to Editable in OIS010/J   Martin Nilsson -Getz Healthcare Pty Ltd
53851 I have an inquiry about how to clean up MITSUB table. As we know so far, the MITSUB table is getting written when the sublot created and finalise in status 20 - active. Then once we sell it to customer order, the MITSUB record is staying at status 30. When and how this table will be clean from status 30? Is it supposed to stay in that table? what will happen when the table becomes too big? Do we have an archiving function for this? New Regan Hilarius - Tegel Foods Limited
52532 Need ability to pass variable kit items using batch order entry. My Food Bag require this so that variable weekly meal kits can be passed from their B2C website on a weekly basis into M3. Deferred/Future consideration


Chris Cowen - Lawson Global Support
51791 CROSSDOCK - PPS320 location not shown when crossdock is activated Deferred/Future consideration


Amanda Rutherford - Caspex Corporation Limited